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Located in Northern New Jersey, Designed Fitness is a personal training and fitness studio. As you can tell, we're not too into that big gym vibe. We like to do things a little bit more personally. With a little bit more focus on you. Which means that at Designed Fitness, you're getting more than just a trainer. You're getting a partner.

We believe that seeing you in the gym for just a couple hours a week doesn't cut it. No two people are the same, so no two people should have the same fitness plan. Which means that great training starts by getting to know you as best we can. So, we're not hear to just be a trainer. We're here to become a friend and partner. To learn about your goals and your life and then design a fitness and diet plan for you and only you. Because, at Designed Fitness, everything we do is with you, for you, and all about you.